The best boxing hand wraps in 2018

After extensive research, we reveal which boxing hand wraps deliver the best quality, durability and comfort. Take a look at our top 5 every fighter has to try.

Boxing hand wraps are strips of cloth which protect the wrist, fingers and hands from injury. When tightened, they align the joints, minimizing the impact created on the hand when you deliver a punch. It’s also claimed that they allow you to hit with greater force and feel less pain, because your muscles are compressed.

Regardless of whether you’re new to boxing or a seasoned pro, you certainly understand the importance of using hand wraps as an inevitable piece of safety gear. In any contact or combat sport, your hands determine the outcome of your fight, so every fighter’s goal should be to protect his hands.

Our 3 best boxing hand wrap picks

Our pick

Meister 180" Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps

Affordable, comfortable and long enough to provide the ultimate protection without feeling bulky, these hand wraps are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Sanabul Elastic Hand Wraps

The polyester blend ensures that the boxing hand wraps feel comfortable and secure. Even though they're not as stretchy as cotton, they don't absorb sweat and you won't have to worry about odor.

Ringside Mexican-Style Hand Wraps

With many color variations to choose from, Ringside's Mexican-style boxing hand wraps perhaps have the highest degree of elasticity. They're comfortable and give your hands the ultimate security.

1. Meister 180" Semi-Elastic Boxing Hand Wraps

Some might find them too thin.

These boxing hand wraps are suitable for contact sports such as Muay Thai and MMA. Their length is 180 inches, which makes them ideal for adults.

Made from cotton and spandex, they’re comfortable and adapt to the size and shape of your hand. They feel rather light during sparring and training. However, this doesn’t mean that they lack protection. You can wrap them around your hands as tightly as you want – your knuckles and wrists will have the right support and protection. With this in mind, you’ll be more confident during training and feel motivated.

The boxing hand wraps are very secure and won’t come undone, because their oversized hook and thumb loop make them fit like a glove. Being slightly elastic gives them an advantage over traditional hand wraps, which usually lack elasticity.

You can also choose from a wide range of colors, which is very cool if you like being able to customize your workout gear.

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2. Sanabul Elastic Boxing Hand Wraps

Quick-drying material.
Some might find them too thin.
Not as stretchy as cotton.

Professional fighters will enjoy our #2 pick. We noticed that these boxing hand wraps were classified as a bestseller so we tried them out.

Sanabul’s boxing hand wraps measure 180 inches in length, which makes them suitable for both pros and beginners in MMA, Muay Thai and kickboxing. Putting them on is quick and easy due to their Velcro straps and thumb loop. They feel very comfortable to practice in. Although polyester is not as stretchy as cotton, these hand wraps allow your skin to breathe. When you sweat, they dry fairly quickly, leaving you with an odorless training session.

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3. Ringside Mexican-Style Boxing Hand Wraps

Very elastic.
Comfortable fit.
The dye tends to bleed.

If you prefer Mexican-style hand wraps to standard boxing hand wraps because of their flexibility, we highly recommend this pair from Ringside. The full-size, 180-inch long hand wraps are also ideal for Muay Thai, MMA, kickboxing and similar sports.

Made from elastic cotton, they fit comfortably, allowing you to work out in confidence. Your wrists and hands feel secure and are efficiently protected from injuries. Putting them on is fast and easy because they come with a hook and loop closure.

For those who want a different pair, there are many other color variations to choose from.

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4. Venum Boxing Hand Wraps

Snug fit.
Easy to put on and take off.
Some might find them too tight.

Venum is one of the best fight gear brands out there and they specialize in making equipment and accessories for combat sports. Naturally, we had to see if they would deliver in the field of boxing hand wraps.

After trying them out, we were satisfied. The Venum boxing hand wraps usually come in two sizes – 2.5 and 4 meters and in various color options. Regardless of which color option you select, their design is the same.

Made from stretchy cotton, they will give you the ultimate sense of security and comfort. As an athlete, this is the main problem with most workout gear. Having Velcro fasteners makes putting them on super quick and easy.

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5. Everlast Professional Hand Wraps

Comfortable fit.
Slightly prone to wear and tear.

Everlast, being the household name for workout gear that it is, never fails to disappoint. Ideal for both professionals and beginners regardless of the contact sport, these high-quality boxing hand wraps will protect your hands efficiently.

Training with them feels fun, safe and motivating. Although they’re 180 inches long, they don’t feel bulky when they’re on. Even when things get sweaty, they don’t feel tighter, because they’re made of high quality material which adapts to the size of your hand. Speaking of sweat, we were pleased to find that they don’t produce any odor.

We recommend using them extra carefully, as we noticed that they rip easily.

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How long should my hand wraps be?

Always check the size and length of your boxing hand wraps. Depending on your personal preferences or hand size, not every length might be a perfect fit for you. If you choose hand wraps that are too short, it might feel like you can’t move your hands because they’ll be wrapped tightly. On the other hand, if you get hand wraps that are too long, having the excess material around your hands can affect the quality of your training, because of the feeling of bulkiness.

What should I look for in hand wraps?

The two most important things to pay attention to with hand wraps are durability and comfort. Durability depends on the material that your boxing hand wraps are made of. The most commonly used materials are cotton, polyester and spandex. The more elastic your wraps are, the more durable they are. Not everyone has the same hand size, so try getting boxing hand wraps made of stretchy material which you can easily adjust to your hand size and shape.

It’s in your best interest that your gear makes you feel comfortable, because unless you feel comfortable, how can you be confident? Always choose boxing hand wraps based on the material they’re made of. Cotton allows the skin to breathe, which eliminates odor and it’s also slightly elastic. Odorless cotton wraps also don’t require frequent washing, which is a huge plus.

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