The best free standing punching bags in 2018

In this review, we'll reveal our top 5 free standing punching bags that delivered in the fields of high quality, endurance and stability.

Are you a beginner fighter looking for gear that will you improve your skills? Or are you a pro who loves high-intensity workouts? Practicing on a free standing punching bag can help you step up your game. While a standard hanging punching bag bounces around when hit, a free standing heavy bag doesn’t move as much. It stays on the ground and engages you a lot more because you constantly have to move around and hit it from different angles. This greatly helps with your coordination, aim, strength training and cardio.

Our 3 best free standing punching bag picks

Our pick

Century Wavemaster XXL

The best free standing bag in this review for intense kicks and other MMA moves. Despite the high price, it's worth the splurge and will last you a long time because of its superb quality materials.

Everlast 2228 PowerCore Freestanding Punching Bag

Our second favorite in terms of quality, endurance and design. The bag's neck gives it additional flexibility and even weight distribution.

Everlast Omniflex Freestanding Heavy Bag

A decent alternative to a free standing punching bag, especially for those who want to save space. The flexible neck keeps it upright so you can practice your favorite jabs.

1. Century Wavemaster XXL

Made in the USA.
Made of high-quality vinyl.
Durable surface and tight fill.
Some might find it expensive.
Moves around when filled with water.
Slightly noisy.

This free standing kickboxing bag’s design was specifically made for mastering common punches and kicks. It’s a must-have for kickboxers, Muay Thai and MMA fighters.

The Century Wavemaster XXL consists of a sturdy base and the free standing heavy bag itself. The base keeps the bag upright, because it evenly distributes its weight. Altogether, it’s 69 inches tall and 18 inches wide. Such a huge surface gives you the realistic feeling of sparring with an opponent and this is great motivation to step up your fighting game. Setting it up doesn’t require any tools and it’s portable, so you can use it to practice at home.

We consider this one of the best free standing kickboxing bags on the market because it’s made of high-quality materials which are very durable. The cover material is made from vinyl, while the interior has a foam filling. Even the most aggressive training sessions won’t damage it because it soaks in the impact created by constant punches and kicks. You can choose to fill the base with either water or sand and when full, the bag weighs around 270 pounds. Sand is a better filler, because the bag tends to move a lot less due to the firmness.

We recommend it to fighters who find regular punching bags boring, undemanding or ristricing. With the Century Wavemaster XXL free standing kickboxing bag, practice all the moves you haven’t mastered yet. The best bags can withstand adrenaline-fueled punches, hopping kicks and combinations of both, giving you a powerful workout. This is the case with Century’s free standing kickboxing bag, because it’s capable of taking a real beating.

We recommend placing a mat or carpet under it, because it makes really loud noise if it falls over.

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2. Everlast 2228 PowerCore Free Standing Punching Bag

Great quality.
Adjustable height.
Doesn't fall over.
Noisy unless placed on soft surface.
Water isn't a good filler.
Tends to move around.

Although we chose this free standing heavy bag bag solely based on our workout experience, we have to point out that it’s also very beautiful. The sleek black look gives it a very professional touch.

It has a large circular base which you can fill with either water or sand. Although we tried both methods, we recommend using sand for more stability and mass. After you fill it, the bag and base altogether weigh around 250 pounds. A plastic “neck” connects the base to the bag, balancing out the two and giving them stability. The neck prevents the base from moving and makes the bag more flexibile. Although it will move, it won’t topple over because of the neck.

The free standing heavy bag is made from strong material and has a foam filling. Because of this, it can absorb the impact from the toughest moves and avoid damage. Its height is adjustable and can be extended from 52 to 65 inches.

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3. Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag

Good alternative for a heavy bag.
High-quality cover material.
Adjustable height.
Water isn't a good filler.
Not suitable for fierce kicks.

If you want a similar workout you’d get with a classic free standing heavy bag but can’t afford one, or want something smaller in size, this is your solution. Compared to our top two, this stand up heavy bag is smaller but still a great tool for creating an energetic workout in which you can focus on your jabs.

Omniflex refers to the high degree of flexibility the bag’s neck has. While it connects the bag to its base, it also prevents the base from moving around when you hit the bag. The base is circular and you can fill it with sand or water.

Regarding the bag, its filling is foam and the cover material is made from a mix of synthetic leather and vinyl. These two in combination give you a powerful punching surface that is long-lasting and not prone to damage. Another great feature is that almost everyone can use this stand up heavy bag because its height is adjustable. You can extend or shorten its height from 59 to 67 inches.

All in all, although this stand up punching bag definitely can’t endure the powerful kicks a classic bag can, it’s a decent substitute.

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4. Ringside FHB3 Free Standing Punching Bag

Good for practicing MMA techniques.
Made from high-quality materials.
Big striking surface.
Very durable.
Some might find it expensive.

Ringside’s free standing punching bag is ideal for workouts in which the goal is to master various punching and kicking techniques, so MMA fighters and kickboxers will especially enjoy using it.

5 feet and 6 inches tall, it also has a base pad for additional stability, which prevents the bag from falling over when you hit it. Its cover material is made of vinyl and filled with shock-absorbing foam. Depending on what degree of density you need, you can fill the base with sand or water.

With such a large striking surface, you’d think that damage is inevitable. But this free standing punching bag isn’t prone to wear and tear. After series of different punches and kicks over the course of a few months, it still looks brand new.

Although some might find it expensive, it’s definitely worth the splurge, because such a great bag can last you a lifetime.

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5. Century BOB Body Opponent Bag

Made in the USA.
1-year warranty.
Adjustable height.
Good for practicing aim.
Some might find it expensive
Might topple over when full.
Water isn't a good filler.

In order to switch it up a bit, we included this human-like stand up punching bag on our list. Made in the USA, the Century BOB body opponent bag comes with a one-year warranty.

Because of the realistic design, it’s easy to forget that you’re practicing with a mannequin. The mannequin part is connected to the base, which you can fill with sand or water until everything altogether weighs 270 pounds. We found that if you fill it to the max, it might topple over, so you don’t have to go all the way. Filled with urethane foam and coated with plastisol, this stand up heavy bag is sturdy and can take a beating. In order to minimize noise levels, place a rug underneath it before practice.

Given the fact that its height is adjustable from 60-78 inches, you can prepare yourself for opponents of different sizes. Despite this stand up heavy bag having a unique design and being made from high-quality materials, we find it a little overpriced.

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What types of free standing punching bags should I look for?

Regular free standing punching bags are usually lighter than kickboxing bags. Since the base is often short, they’re good for boxers but not ideal for the kicking practice that kickboxers, MMA, and Muay Thai fighters need. So if you belong in one of these categories, look for a free standing kickboxing bag. They’re tall, heavy and because of their size and weight, they can sustain the force of a kick, so they’re ideal for practicing. A good example is the Century Wavemaster XXL.

If you want a more creative, entertaining approach to self-defense and martial arts, try out a body opponent bag, like the B.O.B punching bag. Although this type of bag isn’t better than a classic free standing heavy bag, it emulates a real opponent, which some might find more fun.

Other bags are usually a mix between grappling bags and heavy bags. Their use is versatile, and depending on their design, they can be a great tool for mastering certain moves.

How heavy does a free standing punching bag need to be?

When buying any sort of punching bag, the main thing you should pay attention to is weight. Unlike hanging bags, free standing heavy bags are usually a lot lighter in comparison. This is because all of the weight is distributed in the bag’s base. So to answer the question, a free standing heavy bag needs to be at least 1x your body weight (especially if you want to practice kicks). If it’s too light, the base will bounce around, and you could even accidentally knock the the bag over.

What materials should I look for when buying a free standing punching bag?

The second most important factor when choosing a free standing punching bag is the material it’s made of. The bag’s outer shell needs to be thick and of good quality so that it doesn’t rip. Leather is the best cover material, but vinyl, although much cheaper, is also good.

The base is responsible for your bag’s performance, so it’s very important that it’s solid and not prone to damage. It can sometimes hold up to 270 lbs of water/sand, so make sure that it’s made of a stronger material than plastic.

Since the body of a free standing bag is very light, it’s not as resistant to damage as a hanging bag. The filling needs to be tight and durable enough to ensure that the bag doesn’t rip or break after prolonged use.

Free standing punching bag vs hanging heavy bag - which should I buy?

This all depends on your workout goals. Heavy bags are usually more stable and better when you have a place to hang them, but free standing heavy bags are more versatile. They can be moved around the room, and don’t require a hanger. If you want total control, we recommend getting a free standing heavy bag, because it doesn’t move as much as a hanging bag.

However, if you want a more challenging workout, the height of a hanging bag can greatly help you with that. Because the bag is in the air, you’ll have to depend on your legs if you really want to get it moving. The bag’s back and forth swinging movements are very good for strength training, too.

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