The best heavy bag stands reviewed

After extensive research, we reveal the 5 best heavy bag stands on the market today.

If you don’t want to hang your heavy bag to the ceiling because you don’t want it to collapse, but still want to work out at home, a heavy bag stand is a better alternative. They’re affordable, stronger than hangers and can support much more weight. Most punching bag stands come with built-in speed bag platforms or can accommodate more than one training bag. So why not take things into your own hands and kill two birds with one stone?

Our 3 best heavy bag stand picks

Our pick

Outslayer Muay Thai Double Stand

With a weight capacity of 500 pounds, this stand is the sturdiest in our review. Use the sand bags to create even safer workouts, especially when practicing on a punching bag heavier than 100 pounds.

Balazs Universal Heavy Bag Stand

Although this punching bag stand doesn't have a built-in speed bag platform, it's still sturdy enough for solo heavy bag workout with a 300-pound weight capacity.

Title Boxing Double Trouble Heavy Bag Stand

The only heavy bag stand in our review which can accommodate approximately two 120-pound heavy bags at once, or one heavy bag along with a double end bag, which is already included.

1. Outslayer Muay Thai Double Stand

Made in the USA.
10-year warranty.
500-pound weight capacity.
Steel construction.
Adjustable height.
Built-in speed bag platform.
Slightly noisy.

This heavy bag stand is suitable for punching bags used in combat sports such as MMA, kickboxing, boxing and Muay Thai. Made in the USA, Outslayer’s heavy bag stand comes with a 10-year warranty. Although you can use it to hang regular-size punching bags, it can support even heavier bags because it has an impressive weight capacity of 500 pounds. This is especially great for those who want to work on their strength training and experiment with different types of heavy bags.

When you hang it, your bag of choice will stay put, allowing you to practice safely. 7 feet 8 inches tall and made of steel, the punching bag stand is very sturdy. However, you can adjust the height to your personal preference, which is very handy if you aren’t able to practice properly with the original setup.

Another huge plus this heavy bag stand has to offer is its built-in speed bag platform. You can use both types of bags to workout at the same time, which is a significant bonus feature. While the punching bag helps you with strength training, practicing on a speed bag helps with sharpening your reflexes and overall speed when delivering punches. The platform can even be adjusted to a child’s height.

The Outslayer Muay Thai double stand comes with additional support. In the packaging, you’ll find 4 empty sand bags which are used to keep the stand in place during the most rigorous training sessions. So practice all your favorite moves with the assurance that the stand won’t fall over.

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2. Balazs Universal Heavy Bag Stand

Made in the USA.
300-pound capacity.
Low noise levels.
Some might find it too pricey.
Speed bag platform not included.

Our #2 pick is also a great solution for those who dislike attaching their heavy bags to the ceiling and want a more stable fixture. Balazs’ heavy bag stand can support punching bags that weigh up to 300 pounds. We recommend it to professional fighters/boxers who use a single bag to practice. However, the price doesn’t make this an ideal choice for beginners.

Made in the USA, Balazs’ punching bag stand is of high quality. After you set it up, you won’t need to use any sand bags or extra weights in order to keep it on the floor. But even though it’s sturdy on its own and won’t fall over, you have the option of bolting it to the ground if you want additional support.

A common issue with most single bag stands on the market today is that they’re either wobbly or move around when you practice. After trying out Balazs’ punching bag stand, we found that this wasn’t the case. And to top it off, there isn’t much noise produced when you practice, because your bag’s weight is evenly distributed. So if you have children or naggy neighbors but still want to work out at home, this punching bag stand is ideal for you.

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3. Title Boxing Double Trouble Heavy Bag Stand

Can accommodate two heavy bags.
Double end bag included.
Heavy-duty steel construction.
Speed bag platform not included.
Slightly clinks when hit.

As a fighter, you’ve surely heard of the brand Title. There’s a reason beginners and professionals love this boxing brand – they produce high-quality gear that never disappoints. Naturally, we decided to try out their boxing bag stand and were pleased with the results. Our #3 pick is very beginner-friendly because of the additional gear it comes with.

Made from heavy duty steel, the stand is divided into two sides for two heavy bags with a weight capacity of around 125 pounds each. This is very handy if you want to work out using two bags at once. Depending on what kind of dynamic you want, you can even mount a double end bag instead of a heavy bag on one side, or use two double end bags instead of two heavy bags.

Set up is easy and fast – there are hooks on the top and bottom of the stand and you’ll also get cords to hold them in place. We found that the stand is adjustable to different heights. But perhaps the best part about it is that along with it, you’ll get two great bags – a heavy bag made of synthetic leather and a 70-pound double end bag. If you’re a professional, this gear will be a great addition to your collection, and if you’re a beginner, you won’t have to spend money separately on bags!

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4. Everlast 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand

Built-in speed bag platform.
3 legs provide additional sturdiness.
Speed bag swivel included.
Heavy bag height isn't adjustable.
Slightly noisy.

You can’t call yourself a fighter if you don’t own at least one thing from Everlast. It’s the go-to workout brand for most fighters worldwide. For those who love 2-in-1 deals, this double station heavy bag stand has space for both a speed bag and a punching bag.

It’s made from steel and the weight capacity for your heavy bag is 100 pounds. There’s also a built-in, adjustable speed bag platform which can accommodate almost any speed bag. This feature is very handy for fighters who like to use speed bags to improve their speed and sharpen their reflexes. The stand has 3 legs instead of 2 for even more sturdiness.

In our opinion, the only downside to this punching bag stand is that you can’t adjust the height of your heavy bag. This might be problematic if you’re taller or shorter – the stand is around 88 inches tall.

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5. Happybuy Single Station Boxing Bag Stand

Adjustable height.
130-pound capacity.
Steel construction.
Speed bag platform not included.
Slightly noisy.

Our last pick meets the needs of a beginner boxer looking for a simple setup. Happybuy’s heavy bag stand is suitable for a single punching bag weighing up to 130 pounds.

The stand can be extended to approximately 2.3 metres in height, and this is great if you’re a tall fighter. It’s made from steel and if that doesn’t scream sturdy, it has 3 legs for extra support. We found it very easy to install and it’s also foldable, which saves you space.

This punching bag stand will allow you to easily practice and master your punches and swings either at home or the gym.

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