The best heavy bags in 2018

After extensive research, we'll reveal our top 5 best punching heavy bags for boxers, kickboxers, and MMA fighters.

A heavy bag is a necessity for anyone who loves a good workout or wants to improve as a fighter. With a good quality punching bag at home, you won’t have to hit the gym in order to work out. It’s also no secret that a punching bag provides great stress relief and is a great way to stay in shape. However, choosing the right punching bag depends on a lot of factors such as weight, size, the materials used to make it – and more! Although this might seem overwhelming because there are a lot of great workout gear brands to choose from, we’ve got you covered.

Our 3 best heavy bag picks

Our pick

Ringside 100-pound Heavy Bag

A great bag any fighter will highly appreciate. With a large punching surface, you can practice all sorts of punches and kicks and the heavy punching bag will absorb them.

Everlast 70-pound MMA Heavy Bag

If you need an affordable punching bag under 100 pounds, this is it. Although we prefer leather to canvas, the bag is surprisingly very durable and fun to work out with.

Outslayer Muay Thai 130-pound Heavy Bag

This heavy punching bag has the design and features you need to improve your footwork. It's tall, has a tight fill and is made from quality materials.

1. Ringside 100-pound Heavy Bag

Large striking surface.
Leather cover material.
Tight fill.
Might be bulky in some places.
Some might find it expensive.

It’s no wonder this punching bag is very popular and a bestseller – it’s suitable for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and almost any combat sport. You can also use it for regular strength workouts. Because of this, it’s made to last and we were very impressed by its great quality.

72 inches tall, 13 inches wide and previously filled, the heavy bag weighs 100 pounds, which makes it suitable for high-intensity training sessions. Although it’s great for professionals, beginner fighters will especially find it useful. Due to its large striking surface, it’s a lot easier to practice various moves like punches, jabs and kicks, unlike with smaller bags on the market.

The cover material is made of leather. It makes the punching bag durable, allowing it to withstand series of attacks while leaving it unharmed. The tight fill also keeps the punching bag in its original shape at all times, which is another sign of great quality.

You’ll find it a huge relief that chains and a swivel are included for easy setup.

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2. Everlast 70-pound MMA Polycanvas Heavy Bag

Very affordable.
Tight fill.
Weak straps.
Canvas cover material.

We found that Everlast’s bags really deliver in the fields of great quality and durability, regardless of their size. So if you’re looking for a great punching bag under 100 pounds, this one will do. Everlast’s 70-pound hanging heavy bag is suitable for boxing, MMA and other combat sports.

It has nylon straps on the top, which help with hanging it and also ensure that it stays in place. The bag is around 53 inches tall and 13.5 inches wide, creating a decently-sized striking surface. What impressed us the most was its quality – the bag’s tight fill encourages you to keep hitting it harder with every punch and kick. However, its cover material is made from canvas, which isn’t as durable as leather and feels rough.

We recommend getting this hanging heavy bag if you want simple, daily workouts at home. It’s great for light workouts as well as more intense cardio or strength training sessions.

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3. Outslayer Muay Thai 130-pound Heavy Bag

Made in the USA.
Ideal height for practicing footwork.
Vinyl cover.
Even fill.
Slightly noisy.

This 6-foot-tall hanging punching bag caters to the needs of both professional and beginner fighters. If you practice Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, MMA and similar sports, you’ll find this bag very useful. It’s design helps you focus more on your footwork, too.

Even though when filled the hanging heavy bag weighs 130 pounds, its actual capacity is 300 pounds. So if necessary, you can fill it up for even more advanced training. This hanging punching bag is evenly filled with fabric. Because of this, its shape stays the same at all times without creating empty spaces or tougher striking points. Owing to its vinyl cover, the punching bag is durable and not prone to damage. It also has strong nylon straps for easy hanging.

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4. Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound Bag

Good price for great quality.
Foam lining adds more stability.
Handles for better gripping.
Synthetic leather cover.
Not for outside use.
Weak straps.

A little different from our top 3 picks, this bag has a unique shape and design, but most importantly, it can take a beating.

Everlast’s Omni Strike punching bag doesn’t take up much space. Weighing 80 pounds, it’s a great solution for those who don’t like heavier, bulkier punching bags but still want to work out at home. The heavy bag’s cover is made from synthetic leather, which soaks in the impact from punches and kicks. At the very bottom, it has a thick foam lining, which makes it even easier and comfier to practice various moves.

You’ll notice that there are handles on the top left and right sides of the heavy bag. Although this isn’t common with standard punching bags, it’s a very positive feature. Gripping onto them during training gives you a more realistic feeling of sparring with an opponent, and you can also master various kicking styles.

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5. Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag With Stand

Amazing price for multiple components.
High-quality punching bag.
Heavy bag stand is slightly noisy.
The gloves are a bit large.

Everlast’s bundle consists of a dual-station heavy bag stand, gloves, hand wraps, a speed bag and a heavy punching bag.

The dual-station stand can accommodate both a heavy punching bag and a speed bag without any problems. While the included heavy bag weighs 100 pounds and is made from a durable material, you can use an alternative – just make sure it doesn’t weigh more. The speed bag is made of leather and you can easily attach it to the built-in platform.

The leather gloves and cotton hand wraps are a nice bonus and both feel super comfortable when you put them on, but the sizes might not be suitable for everyone.

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What to look for in a heavy bag

Your punching bag’s filling is crucial. The two most common fillers are sand and fabric. Although sand is generally the most popular punching bag filling, fabric is more popular nowadays. Sand is usually rougher to punch and tends to “settle” – forming hard spots in certain places, after which they become rock-solid and difficult to practice on, so it’s not as good as cloth. It also makes a mess if the bag breaks. However, stick to whichever punching bag filling feels the most comfortable.

Outer/cover material – this doesn’t just affect the durability of the bag, but also how safe it is to use. For sand-filled bags, leather is the best. Vinyl is also a good but cheaper material that’ll knock some price off your new punching bag. Canvas is generally considered a lower-quality cover material, so try to avoid it if possible.

Stitching is just as important as the materials your bag is made of. Poorly-stitched heavy bags will tear no matter how good the materials are. In our opinion, Outslayer and Ringside have well-stitched and well-crafted punching bags.

What are the advantages of a heavy punching bag?

Throughout history, the heavy bag has been the most popular martial arts tool for a very good reason. There’s no better tool to improve boxing techniques, strength and coordination. It can also temporarily replace a sparring partner. Some heavy bags even offer a great mix of features that help with mastering certain techniques. For example, the Everlast Omnistrike (#4 in out review) has built-in handles which allow you to practice grappling.

How heavy should my heavy punching bag be?

The lighter a hanging heavy bag is, the more it will bounce around from kicks/punches etc. A general rule of thumb is that a heavy bag should weigh half your body weight. But it can really depend on the type of workout you’re looking for. If you’re a kickboxer, you’ll need a bag that’s a little heavier than half your body weight. Since your kicks are much more powerful than your punches, they’ll send a light bag back flying.

Should I use a heavy bag with a stand or hang it?

This depends on where you plan to use it. To securely hang a heavy bag, you’ll need a strong wooden beam or even a U-Beam to provide the necessary structural support. If you have this option, we’d almost always recommend a heavy bag hanger – it’s cheaper, and more stable than a heavy bag stand.

On the other hand, heavy bags with stands are much more practical. They’re the solution to how to hang a punching bag in an apartment, you can even use them outdoors and in other places where a mount isn’t feasible. If you need an example, check out our last heavy bag with stand pick.

Hanging heavy bags VS freestanding heavy bags

A freestanding heavy bag offers the ultimate flexibility but you can knock it over. It’s usually more expensive than a hanging bag. On the other hand, once set up, a hanging heavy bag stays in the air. They’re usually much cheaper than freestanding heavy bags, but the reason we prefer them is because they give you enough space and the right distance to practice your moves, especially your kicks.

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