Our review of the top 4 best kids’ punching bags

After extensive research, we reveal our top 4 punching bags for kids.

With all the easy entertainment that phones and electronic devices provide, getting your kids to be physically active can be tricky. A kids’ punching bag is a great way to get them to have fun – and do something productive in the meantime! Punching bags for kids are usually affordable, can be set up at home and are a great introduction to the world of martial arts. Keep in mind that not all of them are alike. While some are toys, some are legitimate pieces of professional equipment made for upcoming boxers and martial artists.

Our 3 best kids' punching bag picks

Our pick

Century Kid Kick Wavemaster

By far the best punching bag for kids on the market today with a good quality to price ratio. Made from high-quality materials, it's durable and great for practicing almost any form of martial arts.

Harvil Kids Boxing Set

The best deal in our review - this set includes not only a kids' punching bag, but also boxing gloves and a jump rope, as well as setup equipment. A great way to save money and train like a pro.

TechTools Punching Ball With Stand And Gloves

A great alternative if you don't have enough space or can't afford a classic kids' punching bag. This punching ball stand's height is adjustable and a pair of boxing gloves comes with it.

1. Century Kid Kick Wavemaster

1-year warranty.
Made in the USA.
Adjustable height.
Not suitable for practicing jump kicks.
Water isn't a good base filler.
Makes noise during workouts.

Century’s punching bags are among the best and most popular options you’ll find today. So we were very happy to discover this version for children, which is just as impressive as the original, adult model. This punching bag for kids is a very useful and fun tool to practice with, especially for children who love Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, judo, karate or any other martial arts. It’s a healthy and safe way to keep them busy when they’re full of energy.

Made in the USA, Century’s Kid Kick Wavemaster comes with a one-year warranty. It consists of a circular base and the punching bag itself, which altogether measure around 52 inches in height. However, this is adjustable, which might come in handy depending on your child’s height, so you can choose between four height settings. A general estimate is that the bag should be suitable for most children under 10 years.

This kids’ punching bag is made of high-quality materials which absorb impact from punches and kicks. The cover material is made of nylon, while the bag’s interior has a foam filling. Regarding the bag’s base, you can use either water or sand as a filler. However, we recommend going with sand, because it’s much heavier and will keep the bag standing firmly. After it’s filled, the bag and base weigh around 170 pounds.

We consider this punching bag for kids a great tool for sharpening their reflexes and teaching them the importance of frequent exercise. The best part is that there is a target in the center of the bag, which they can use to precisely deliver their favorite punches, kicks and other moves.

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2. Harvil Kids Boxing Set

Great price.
Includes jump rope and boxing gloves.
Easy to set up.
Fabric stuffing filler.

If you want your child to have a great introduction to boxing, we highly recommend our #2 pick. A great way to save money is to look into boxing sets, because they usually come with not only a punching bag, but also other workout and safety gear your kids will need. This way, you won’t separately spend money on each component – instead you’ll have additional accessories at a cheaper price.

Harvil’s set comes with a punching bag for kids, a jump rope and a pair of boxing gloves. The boxing set is suitable for children above 4 and under 12 years.

With the gloves, your child will feel like they’re walking in the shoes of a boxer, because of their professional design. The Velcro straps makes putting them on easier, and they can be adjusted to the shape of your child’s wrists. Although the 8-foot jump rope isn’t necessary, it’s a fun tool for pre-workout warm ups.

The kids’ punching bag weighs 25 pounds and is 12 inches tall. Its light fill makes striking it painless, in turn motivating your child to practice harder. We found that the cover material is also very durable, as it can withstand continuous punches and kicks without damage or rips. Another plus is that it’s easy to hang to the ceiling, because a 12-inch long hanging chain is included in the set, along with hanging rings.

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3. TechTools Punching Ball With Stand And Gloves

Adjustable height.
Includes boxing gloves.
Isn't good for strength training.
Not suitable for practicing kicks.

A punching ball stand is a great alternative to a kids’ punching bag if you can’t afford one. But if you specifically want something that helps with strength training, it doesn’t do much. However, it greatly helps with practicing hand to eye coordination and how to increase speed while delivering a punch.

The punching ball stand can be adjusted to your child’s height, from 35-50 inches, which is very convenient. At the bottom, a standing board is joined to it, so your child can face the punching ball at all times during practice.

We found it easy and fast to set up. When punched, the ball moves back and forth, motivating the fighter to hit it even faster and stronger each time. It’s made of high quality material and doesn’t damage easily no matter how much you hit it.

Boxing gloves also come with this punching ball stand, which is a nice bonus.

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4. Pure Boxing Tough Guy Kids' Punching Bag

Cool cartoon design.
Possible to fill with sand.
Only suitable for light workouts.

Our #4 punching bag for kids has the most interesting design by far – it looks like an angry school bully. It might resemble a toy because of the cartoon illustration, but it isn’t. If your children practice any form of martial arts, they’ll love working out with this bag.

Measuring 56 inches in height, it’s inflatable and suitable for ages 4 to 10.  You can fill its bottom base with sand or water in order to keep it on on the ground. Made of thick vinyl, it’s durable enough to endure multiple series of punches and kicks and pop right back up after each hit.

Even though it can’t be compared to a regular punching bag, this inflatable kids’ punching bag is good for lighter workouts.

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What to look for in punching bags for kids & teenagers

We all know how quickly a child can go through development. A product that’s ideal for a young child isn’t ideal for a teenager. Before purchasing a kids’ punching bag, you need to base your selection on the following factors: your children’s height/weight and the material the punching bag is made of.

What to look for in punching bags for kids ages 3 to 6

At this stage, a punching bag is more a toy than a proper piece of workout gear. If your children are between ages 3 to 6, we recommend a fun, engaging bag, as opposed to a durable one. They’ll outgrow their punching bags anyway, so don’t look for a super high-quality product. Instead, get an inflatable kids’ punching bag – it’s cheap and easy to set up. And most importantly, if your children are energetic, this is a fun way to divert their attention and channel their energy into a healthy activity.

What to look for in punching bags for kids ages 6 to 12

6 to 12 is a great age range for getting an introduction to the world of martial arts. We recommend semi-serious – or even serious equipment. Although your children will outgrow their punching bags at some point, it’s still necessary to make sure they have a high-quality surface to practice on. If they fit anywhere in this age range, you can’t get an inflatable bag because it just won’t be serious to them and they’ll destroy it.

It’s necessary to pay attention to how tall the youth punching bag is, because the height needs to fit in order to ensure a proper workout. Weight is also important. If your child weighs 100 pounds, you can’t pick a bag that weighs 150 pounds. On the other hand, if your child weighs 150 pounds, you can’t pick a 30-pound bag.

What to look for in punching bags for teenagers

At this stage, a real lightweight punching bag would do, or an extremely well-made youth punching bag (for example, the Kid Kick Wavemaster). Durability, quality, materials and weight are something you need to pay attention to. Leather and nylon are the best cover materials, so choose them over any other materials. Regarding the bag’s interior, this all depends on your child’s strength. Most bags have either a sand or water filling, so unless your child wants to bulk up, we don’t recommend getting a sand-filled bag.

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