The best speed bag platforms reviewed

After testing out several speed bag platforms, we'll reveal the 5 with the best quality-to-price ratio, promising results and cool features.

Using a speed bag to work out is the best way to improve your hand-eye coordination, sharpen your reflexes and master timing and speed. But before setting it up, you’ll need a compatible speed bag platform to attach it to. A speed bag platform keeps your bag suspended above you, keeping it in place for you to throw punches. When working out with a speed bag, it’s crucial to have a good swivel to use and platform to attach it to. Unless these two pieces of equipment are made properly, you’ll notice a negative difference in your training sessions and most likely think your speed bag is the problem.

Our 3 best speed bag platform picks

Our pick

XMark Fitness XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

Despite its expensive price, this speed bag platform was our favorite. It's sturdy, made of high-quality materials and gives your bag a fast rebound, which makes practicing on it fun.

Everlast Elite Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

A good speed bag platform with an affordable price. Almost completely made of wood, it can support any kind of speed bag. Although it has a small noise problem, we'll explain how to solve it.

MaxxMMA Heavy Duty Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit

A must-have for beginners who aren't on a budget. The kit contains all the necessities for setting up your platform, including a swivel and a speed bag.

1. XMark Fitness XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

Steel frame keeps it sturdy.
Fast rebound.
Low noise levels.
Adjustable height.
Can accommodate most speed bags.
Some might find it expensive.
Weak swivel.

Our #1 pick has a mounting frame made of heavy gauge steel, which not only keeps your speed bag sturdy, it also amplifies the speed of its rebounds.

The speed bag platform’s strike board is made of thick wood measuring an inch and a half, while its diameter is 24 inches. These measurements make the platform suitable for speed bags of any size. It’s also adjustable up to 15 inches, which is great for fighters of different heights.

Noise is a common problem with most speed bag platforms on the market today, because when hit, they produce vibrations. However, noise levels are minimal with this platform because of its steel strike board, which seemingly neutralizes vibrations. So you can practice as hard as you want without disturbing your neighbors.

The only downside to this speed bag platform is its price – not everyone can afford it. If this is your case, check out an alternative pick on our list. Although you’ll also get a swivel with this platform, its quality isn’t the best, so you might have to get a new one.

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2. Everlast Elite Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

Adjustable height up to 8 inches.
Can support any speed bag.
Also comes with a swivel.
Slightly noisy.
Unhelpful instruction manual.

Affordable and of stellar quality, Everlast’s speed bag platform is loved by professionals and beginners worldwide.

Measuring 24 inches in diameter, its strike board is made of wood and can support any type of speed bag. It’s around an inch thick and you can adjust its height up to 8 inches. This is because of its spring-lock system, which is easy to modify.

After trying this speed bag platform out, we were very pleased with the results. The only downside to it is that it makes a little noise during training when your bag hits the striking board. We read that placing a bag of sand on top of it can minimize the vibrations during a workout session. Nevertheless, we still consider it one of the best speed bag platforms we’ve tried out.

Along with it, you’ll also get a swivel, some assembly equipment and two brace boards that support the main strike board. This makes setup fast and easy.

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3. MaxxMMA Heavy Duty Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit

Speed bag and swivel included.
Suitable for any speed bag size.
Adjustable height.
Some might find it expensive.
Can be noisy.

Not only does MaxxMMA’s kit have everything you need in order to set up a speed bag, it actually comes with one! Although the kit might seem pricey, you’ll actually save money by getting a swivel, a speed bag and some mounting hardware.

Made from synthetic leather, the speed bag’s quality is great and it measures 10 x 7 inches. The platform is 24 inches wide, 1 and a half inches thick and can support any speed bag size. As with every pick on our list, the platform’s height is easily adjustable.

Because the strike board and brace boards are made of wood, the platform might make a little noise from time to time.

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4. XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform XM-2811

Steel mounting frame.
15-inch height adjustment.
Doesn't make noise.
Suitable for any speed bag.
Some might find it expensive.
Mediocre swivel.

Although our #1 pick is also from XMark, this one was just as impressive so we had to include it.

With a mounting frame made from gauge steel, the entire platform is very sturdy and durable. Its strike board is made from thick wood measuring 1 and a half inches and it’s 24 inches wide. You can attach any type of speed bag to this platform and it will fit, because there’s enough space. Just like our #1 pick, this XMark speed bag platform also has a 15-inch height adjustment, which makes it suitable for fighters of all ages. It comes with a ball-bearing swivel which we replaced with a better-quality one.

During workouts, it doesn’t make any noise. The steel minimizes the vibrations caused when punching, which is a huge plus. Even though this pick is just as good as our 1st, it’s a little more expensive than your average speed ball platform. But if you can afford it, it’s worth the money.

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5. Best Choice Products Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Trainer

Iron mounting frame.
Adjustable height.
Can mount larger speed bags.
Lack of setup hardware.
Noisy swivel.

Last on our list is a pretty affordable and high-quality pick. If you want to work out at home on a budget, we recommend it.

This speed bag platform has a mounting frame made of iron and consists of two brace boards supporting the wooden strike board. It’s approximately an inch thick and can support a speed bag weighing up to 264 pounds, which is highly impressive. After testing it out using a much lighter speed bag, it worked just fine. Adjusting the platform’s height to your personal preference is possible because it has a spring pin lock system which is easy to use.

Along with the speed bag platform, you’ll also get a swivel. It’s quite noisy, so we recommend using another one.

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What should I look for in a speed bag platform?

One of the first things you should pay attention to before buying a speed bag platform is what it’s made of. The striking board must be made from thick wood, because your speed bag will bounce around and hit it. The thicker the wood, the more durable the platform is.

Make sure the platform’s height is adjustable. Not everyone is the same height and changing the height of your speed bag can sometimes be necessary. Luckily, the majority of platforms have this handy feature.

For the sake of convenience, be on the lookout for speed bag platform kits. Getting a quality all-in-one option at a good price is always better, because not all platform kits are expensive. They usually contain all the equipment you need to set up your speed bag platform and sometimes come with a swivel. A speed bag swivel is the thing that’s responsible for smooth speed bag action, so the swivel that comes with your platform needs to be well-made. In some cases, your kit might contain a speed bag.

What should I look for in a speed bag swivel?

Next to connecting your speed bag to the platform, a swivel is in charge of how fast the bag moves and whether it moves in every direction when hit. When choosing a swivel, pay attention to the two most important factors: materials and rotation.

If your swivel is made of plastic, this is a bad sign. Steel swivels are the best because they efficiently hold onto your bag and aren’t prone to damage. They can also accommodate larger/heavier bags, while plastic ones might break sooner or later. It’s always best to spend a little more money on a high-quality product which will last you a long time than to save money by buying a lower-quality one which you’ll have to replace at some point.

Bag rotation is very important. Your speed bag should be able to bounce in every direction (360 degrees) when you hit it, because this way it won’t affect its rebound speed. If your bag only moves back and forth, this can prevent you from delivering a powerful punch. When your bag flies in every direction, this loosens the pressure created on the swivel.



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