Our review of the top 7 best speed bag swivels

After extensive research, we reveal the top 7 speed bag swivels that help you train like a professional.

Before installing your speed bag to a platform, you’ll need a speed bag swivel to attach it. Although this component might seem small and unimportant, your bag’s speed and rebound depend on it. You might not always get a swivel with your speed bag, so in order for you to install it yourself, it’s handy to know what to keep an eye out for. Since there are several types to choose from, how does one know which to get? We’ll explain through this review and our picks.

Our top 3 speed bag swivels

Our pick

Title Boxing Deluxe Pro Swivel

Our #1 pick is something you'll likely come across when looking for a swivel - it's worth the hype. The stainless steel design makes it durable and the U-hook creates a fast rebound.

Ringside Mexican-style Swivel

Despite the price, Ringside's Mexican-style swivel is worth the money. The steel construction gives your speed bag a powerful rebound and 360-degree movements creating minimal noise.

Everlast Professional Speed Bag Swivel

Everlast's speed bag swivel will help you master different levels of speed, because its rebound is very fast. The steel design will ensure that the swivel lasts a lifetime.

1. Title Boxing Deluxe Pro Swivel

Push-pin bag installation method.
Fast rebound.
Low noise levels.
Some might find it expensive.
Can't support all speed bags.

Title Boxing’s Deluxe Pro speed bag swivel is the upgraded version of Title’s Pro swivel, so if you loved the original, you’ll love this version as well.

The push-pin fastening system lets you to attach your speed bag to the swivel in a matter of seconds. Although U-hooks can generally accommodate larger speed bags, they might not always be compatible with every type of bag.

During training, you won’t need to limit your speed when hitting your bag. The swivel lets it bounce around freely in every direction with a fast and powerful rebound, due to the ball-bearing technology. Most speed bag swivels are cheaply made, but this one is triple chrome plated, giving it additional durability and the strength to hold your bag in place.

It wasn’t as noisy as the majority of the ones we tried, so we consider this a major plus.

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2. Ringside Mexican-style Speed Bag Swivel

Steel design.
Powerful rebound.
Low noise levels.
Push-pin system.
Some might find it expensive.
Small U-hook.

The steel design gives Ringside’s Mexican-style speed bag swivel a huge advantage over most of the options on the market today. Naturally, the construction is very durable.

It keeps your speed bag sturdy during training sessions, regardless of the momentum you use to punch it. The swivel’s cylindrical center also allows your bag to bounce freely with a powerful rebound. This gives you the freedom to practice energy-fueled punches and high-speed jabs without the fear of knocking your bag off. However, since the U-hook is tiny, it might not be able to accommodate larger bags.

When it comes to setting up your speed bag, the process is quick because of the swivel’s push-pin system. Screws also come with it.

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3. Everlast Professional Speed Bag Swivel

Stainless steel design.
Fast rebound.
Great price for the quality.
Doesn't allow 360-degree rotation.

Everlast’s speed bag swivel is made from stainless steel, which doesn’t rust and keeps your speed bag steadily mounted. We found that this swivel is one of the best regarding speed.

Its design increases the speed your bag uses to swing, giving it an overall quicker rebound. Even though the rebound is quick, the swivel doesn’t allow 360-degree rotation, so your bag swings just back and forth.

It tends to be noisy, and the faster you throw punches, the noisier it is. Screws are also included for convenient setup.

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4. Forza Sports Evolution Speed Bag Swivel

Stainless steel design.
S-hook allows free movement.
Fast rebound.
Some might find it expensive.

We recommend our #4 pick to those who prefer S-hook types of speed bag swivels. Although most of them are often made from plastic and damage easily, this one was an exception.

Made from stainless steel with an electropolish finish, it’s strong, sturdy and not prone to damage. The curved hook is suitable for almost any kind of speed bag strap.

It allows your speed bag to rotate freely and when you punch it, it rotates in every direction. This aspect is especially handy for those who want to master throwing fast, sharp jabs. You’ll also get a great cardio workout in while dodging your speed bag, because the swivel gives it a quick rebound.

Although it’s a little pricier than you’d expect, we still consider this speed bag swivel worth every penny.

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5. Meister Speed Bag Swivel

Stainless steel design.
Push-pin system.
Fast rebound.
360-degree rotation.
Slightly noisy.

Made from stainless steel, Meister’s speed bag swivel can accommodate any speed bag. Just like most of the swivels in this review, this one also has a push-pin installation system. In our opinion, this is a feature worth keeping an eye out for, because it’s the quickest way to mount your speed bag.

The swivel’s unique design decreases the friction created during practice, and in turn, this increases the speed in which your bag bounces back. It also has a ball bearing design which enables 360-degree rotation of your bag without it getting caught up.

Screws are also included for easy installation.

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6. Title Boxing Pro Speed Bag Swivel

Smooth rebound.
360-degree rotation.
Slightly noisy.

Title Boxing’s Pro speed bag swivel is the only chain-link version in our review. This hanging method efficiently latches onto your speed bag and keeps it in place at all times.

It’s triple chrome-plated, which is why it’s pretty durable. Owing to the chain link, your speed bag is able to move smoothly in every direction. The only downside to this swivel is that it can be a little noisy. You can solve this problem by oiling it to reduce friction.

We recommend Title’s Pro swivel as an alternative for their Deluxe swivel –  it’s a lot cheaper but does a solid job.


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7. Pro Impact EZ Lock Swivel

Might need oiling for smooth rebound.
Longer U-hook might affect speed.

If you’re on a budget but still want a good U-style speed bag swivel, check out our last pick.

Pro Impact’s EZ lock speed bag swivel is triple chrome-plated, which prevents it from scratches and rusting. The U-hook is large and can accommodate almost any type of speed bag. In comparison to the other picks in our review, this one was a little tough to set up. The rebound isn’t too fast, but this can be solved with a little oil.

All in all, even though this swivel isn’t the first on our list or from a popular brand, it still gets the job done once you set it up properly.


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Speed bag swivel types and which one to buy

Based on their design, speed bag swivels come in 3 different types: U-hook, ball-hook and chain-link. Although their purpose is to keep your bag in place when you’re punching it, what sets them apart is this very mechanism.

U-hook/U-bolt swivels, also known as precision swivels are the most popular type. Mounting your speed bag to them is fast and easy because most of them have a push-pin attachment system which you can access in seconds. They create fast rebounds and their only con is that they usually don’t allow your speed bag to rotate freely in every direction, instead just back and forth.

The chain-link swivel is known for producing the least noise during training. Although its design is different from the U-hook swivel, it also uses pins to latch onto your bag, but the mechanism is different. These pins are usually tightened to the max and for this reason, mounting and dismounting your speed bag can be an annoying and time-consuming task. You might need to use tools to loosen the pins and release your bag.

The ball-hook is the oldest type of swivel. It’s S-shaped and can support any type of speed bag. Because of the curved shape, when you mount your bag, it moves freely and in every direction, creating a fast rebound. With this speed comes a certain amount of noise, which is the main downside to this type.

What should I look for in a speed bag swivel?

The purpose of a speed bag swivel is to ensure smooth movement and endure constant use. A good swivel needs to be made like a Swiss watch – every part needs to fit together, or else the speed bag will move erratically and you won’t get much out of your workout. Because of this, it’s very important to pay attention to the material your swivel consists of. While some swivels come with plastic parts – plastic isn’t nearly as durable as steel. Always try to find stainless steel options because they’ll keep your swivel in good condition and prevent it from rusting and corrosion. Although they might be a little expensive, they’ll last you a lifetime. We also recommend opting for swivels which allow your bag to have 360-degree rotation, not just back and forth movements.

Are speed bags swivels really that important?

With a speed bag, the quality of your training sessions highly depends on the swivel you’re using. When most people are unhappy with their speed bags, the problem is usually in their swivel and they don’t know it. If you notice that your rebound is too slow or that your speed bag doesn’t move smoothly, the swivel is to blame. You can avoid these problems by understanding the pros/cons of the different types of swivels, and by choosing ones that are made of good-quality materials, which we explained above.

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